Having an opinion that doesn’t match those of today’s left is getting exponentially more dangerous. Today, in 2017, having a conservative opinion not only qualifies you as a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe (the list goes on)… But now, also a Nazi. I spent a solid portion of my day trying to come up with something worse than a Nazi, and the truth is I couldn’t really think of anything. I asked friends if they could… Nein. That’s because Nazi’s committed one of the world’s most historic evils. A holocaust, unmatched in it’s death toll and cultural impact. A stain on our world that can never be washed away. And just a month into 2017, the far left has made it a point to bestow upon conservatives that same title. NAZI.

I am not going to argue why conservatives are not Nazis. Doing so would be the legitimizing of a completely delusional and nonsensical argument. But the language of the left is the true problem and my focus. This kind of language isn’t particularly inciting violence, as much as it is requiring it. Violence is the only response to racism manifested by mass murder. A person loses their rights when they are a murdering Nazi. It’s immoral NOT to do everything in your power to take out a group of people that are committing a holocaust. The only issue here is that…

– someone not agreeing with you is not equivalent to mass genocide no matter how much it hurts your feelings. –

You do not have the right to use violence as a tool of silencing speech. No matter how much that speech subjectively offends you. Once this is done, and a group is defined as Nazi, violence becomes justifiable. We are seeing this more and more every day. The riots at UC Berkley had conservatives beaten unconscious, and female Trump supporters pepper sprayed on live TV. Some of the multiple airport protests across the country turned violent and again Trump supporters were filmed being beaten. A group of black kids kidnapped a handicapped white kid and tortured him for hours because of his support for trump. The list goes on and on.

And the irony here is incredible. Can you imagine being so disconnected from reality, so drunk off of the euphoria of victimhood, that while defining a whole entire group of people as Nazis, you believe that one race and gender are the cause of all the worlds problems? These people are the greatest hypocrites of them all. They are so blinded by their quest for cosmic justice and hatred for opposing views that they physically cannot see it. They are so scared of reality and factual data that proves their ideologies wrong at every turn that they have no other option than to label dissenters into a corner and commit violence against them.

This kind of large scale violence in today’s day and age is exclusively a far left phenomenon. You won’t find anything like it at pro-life marches, or tea party protests. And as the left continues in their quest to achieve ultimate victimhood, it is going to get increasingly dangerous to hold an opposing view.