It’s here! The day all American sports fans wait for. We are about an hour away from kickoff, and its time for my predictions. I, like most rational minded people, would root for ISIS or Al Qaida before I rooted for the Patriots, so I have Atlanta coming out on top here. I think it will be a close game, but what I don’t think that the patriots understand how lethal the Falcon offense is. Im putting the final score at 35-28. Ryan is going to have 250+ yards, Brady is going to go off as well (what else would he do) but the Falcons D will come through in the end. Stay tuned here for live commentary and satire for the rest of the evening 😉

6:03 ET: Just finding out we have to listen to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman the rest of the night. I don’t think I’ve ever considered watching a Super Bowl on mute, but this could very well be the first one. FML.

6:24 ET: Just trying to get through this opening without thinking about politics. I just want to think about how awesome America is, and how much I love football… I would love to get through the next 5 hours without a single mention of politics or Trump. Lets see if that can happen.

6:26 ET: As Luke Bryan sings the National Anthem, Kaepernick kneels in his living room… lol.

6:40 ET: Falcons stop the Patriots in their first set of downs. If their D can play like that all night its going to be a long one for the Pats.

6:43 ET: Looks like the Falcons offense wants to come out and match the pace of their D. I honestly pray that the Falcons beat these guys by 100 points.

6:52 ET: Both teams have now logged a sack 10 minutes into the game. Patriots are driving though, and my ears are bleeding from Joe and Troy.

6:57 ET: This looks like a scoring drive for the Falcons, Their RB’s are running with motive and Matt is finding holes in the Pats zone. 60 yards till Paydirt.

7:05 ET: 1rst Q impressions…. All defense, nothing too exciting other than Brady being sacked twice. Also, these commercials suck… I think that there has been one funny one so far. Hopefully the second Q has something in store for us. I also think that the first team to put points on the board might be the only one to do so.

7:12 ET: Was Julio Jones late to the game or something? First to attempts to him go for 50+ yards. I would have targeted him a lot sooner.

7:16 ET: A falcons RB puts the first points on the board. Makes sense the way they are playing. Looks like the Pats have no answer for the Falcons Ground game.

7:22 ET: Falcons defense is playing like they want to win a Super Bowl. Patriots log their third 3 and out this game.

7:28 ET: 14-0 Falcons. Watch out for a Patriots comeback though.

7:45 ET: Patriots come back? What come back? FALCONS PICK SIX!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY GET IT AFTER HALF!!!! CRY BRADY CRY!!! 21-0 Falcons!

8:04 ET: What an amazing half. Cry Brady heads to the locker room to get absolutely reamed by Bill. Falcons head in to refocus and come out firing.
Now lets see if Gaga can put on a good show, and leave the politics out of it. That’s what i’m praying for.
8:27 ET: :Lady Gaga ROCKS IT!!!! Best super bowl performance in a long time. Great job. 🙂
8:53 ET: First two drives net both team 0 points, and then falcons take it all the way down. Ryan targets almost every single one of his receivers and the running backs did their job as well. This game is pretty much over.
9:27 ET: Are the Patriots turning this around? At this point the clock is on the Falcons side, but if their secondary keeps letting Brady connect, and the offense doesn’t orchestrate a drive then this could get interesting…
9:47 ET: Pats have brought it within 8… Falcons come out swinging. If they dont score here I think they lose.
10:16 ET: We are tied 28-28… Pats are receiving the OT kick… Here we go. If my prediction holds true then the pats will punt after their first drive and the falcons will drive and score a touchdown. I don’t think that the momentum or the football Gods favor the Falcons at this point though after the incredible Eddleman catch, the two 2 point conversions, or coming back from a 25 point deficit. Buckle up folks.
10:26 ET: Patriots put up 31 unanswered points. Patriots win.