USA Soccer – A Flop

325 million people live in the United States; 335 thousand people live in Iceland. One of these two countries qualified for the World Cup and, spoiler alert, it was NOT the United States. Last night, USA Soccer choked against Trinidad... Continue Reading →


Why America Is Doomed to Single Payer and Economic Collapse

Over the last decade, talk of a government-run healthcare system has grown exponentially. Many every day Americans are becoming increasingly warm to the idea as well. After all, the only thing being force-fed to them in the media is how... Continue Reading →

Tear Them All Down

  There are many people throughout the world's and – more specifically – our nation's history that have espoused twisted and perverse worldviews. Those people have adversely impacted the lives of many others and we as a nation should remember... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Project Veritas Exposes CNN’s Fake News Agenda!

As if any more proof was needed that the Trump Russia story was an absolute fairy-tale, Project Veritas, has released yet another video. This time they take aim directly at the lies and fake news of CNN. You should remember... Continue Reading →

Left Or Right; Myths And Fairytales For All

Over the last several weeks, the left and right have been parading around two stories. Both of which are complete fairytales. For the right, it's been the story of murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich. For the left, it's been the... Continue Reading →

Breaking: White House Launches Missile Strikes in Syria

Throughout Thursday afternoon, multiple reports swirled the blogosphere about U.S. carriers taking offensive positions in the Mediterranean. At approximately 9 p.m. ET, some 50 missiles were launched into Syria, targeting the air field that is said to have carried out... Continue Reading →

Institutional Racism; An Empirical Rebuttal

This piece is pulled directly from an assignment submitted in an argumentation class of mine during the fall 2016 semester. For a major part of this last decade, the claim that institutional racism exists within the criminal justice system has... Continue Reading →

The Logical Extreme of Transgenderism

The year is 2019, a man has been arrested for first degree murder and several counts of rape. He faces life in prison with no chance of parole. During the trial, his lawyer claims that his client identifies as a... Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders: Hypocritical, Socialist, Ass.

Wednesday, Bernie Sanders took to twitter to spew yet another load of volcanic ignorance. The first, and most glaring mistake of this unfortunate tweet is Bernie's assumption that people all over this country are somehow being "forced" to work for... Continue Reading →

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