Left Or Right; Myths And Fairytales For All

Over the last several weeks, the left and right have been parading around two stories. Both of which are complete fairytales. For the right, it's been the story of murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich. For the left, it's been the... Continue Reading →

Breaking: White House Launches Missile Strikes in Syria

Throughout Thursday afternoon, multiple reports swirled the blogosphere about U.S. carriers taking offensive positions in the Mediterranean. At approximately 9 p.m. ET, some 50 missiles were launched into Syria, targeting the air field that is said to have carried out... Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders: Hypocritical, Socialist, Ass.

Wednesday, Bernie Sanders took to twitter to spew yet another load of volcanic ignorance. The first, and most glaring mistake of this unfortunate tweet is Bernie's assumption that people all over this country are somehow being "forced" to work for... Continue Reading →


Having an opinion that doesn't match thoseĀ of today's left is getting exponentially more dangerous. Today, in 2017, having a conservative opinionĀ not only qualifies you as a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe (the list goes on)... But now, also a Nazi. I... Continue Reading →

#MuslimBan… But is it???

In the first week of his presidency, Donald Trump has done A LOT of what he promised he would do during his campaign. Every step of the way, the news media has been right behind him turning the outrage dial... Continue Reading →

Why Working for Trump is the Hardest Job Ever

Over the last week, most conservative Americans have watched as hilarity has ensued on the hill. Trump, in his classic narcissism that we have all come to know and love (or hate), has spent his time flooding the news cycle... Continue Reading →

Transition of Power: How do you feel?

Over the last two weeks, the Obamas have been preparing to leave the white house. I have heard howling and lamentation from the left, and celebration and happiness from the right. Celebrities still making videos about how and why they... Continue Reading →

$450 Textbooks… Thanks Obama!

The new year is here, and along with it comes the start of a new semester. As many of you may know, the first part of any semester is a horror movie with a sick twist. The plot being your... Continue Reading →

3 Things you need to know about new “dossier”

Several unverified documents alleging Trump's extensive ties to Russia surfaced on Tuesday night thanks to literally Hitler, I mean CNN... The documents were leaked to the media, then given to Obama and Trump, and finally fully published by Buzzfeed. The... Continue Reading →

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