Dear Kobe; A Letter To An Icon

Dear Kobe, I write to you as a stranger – but to me, you were an icon. Growing up, you were basketball, so to call you a “basketball player” is a disservice – you were far more than that. Your... Continue Reading →

Tear Them All Down

  There are many people throughout the world's and – more specifically – our nation's history that have espoused twisted and perverse worldviews. Those people have adversely impacted the lives of many others and we as a nation should remember... Continue Reading →

Institutional Racism; An Empirical Rebuttal

This piece is pulled directly from an assignment submitted in an argumentation class of mine during the fall 2016 semester. For a major part of this last decade, the claim that institutional racism exists within the criminal justice system has... Continue Reading →

The Logical Extreme of Transgenderism

The year is 2019, a man has been arrested for first degree murder and several counts of rape. He faces life in prison with no chance of parole. During the trial, his lawyer claims that his client identifies as a... Continue Reading →

Celebrities… WE DON’T CARE.

A grey set... some soft piano music playing in the background... and a couple of people flash across the screen repeating the same words. They look familiar from that one movie you saw commercials for but never saw because it was... Continue Reading →

The Markets and Trump

  Working as a retirement planner and investment advisor for one of the worlds largest investment firms, I hear copious amount of concerns from my clients. A major theme among a decent number of them lately has been Trump. I hear, "I'm... Continue Reading →

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