In the first week of his presidency, Donald Trump has done A LOT of what he promised he would do during his campaign. Every step of the way, the news media has been right behind him turning the outrage dial past 11.

The most recent outrage has spawned from Trump’s latest executive order and what is trending on twitter as the #muslimban. Let’s just get this out of the way. Trump is NOT banning muslims, and he is NOT doing anything that is remotely unconstitutional. After a read through of the lengthy order, it is understood that the United States will be imposing a short term ban on ALL immigrants / refugees from the countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, regardless of religion. A plan is then laid out for how this administration plans to create a more thorough vetting process via actions like heavier restrictions on Visas, creating uniform screening standards, etc. The order demands our intelligence officials to do this on a specific timeline and demands other countries to cooperate as well. These are all amazing things! And very necessary in today’s climate of soft target terrorist attacks. Had Europe implemented policies like these 5 years ago, we might’ve not had such horrific attacks like the ones in Nice, Berlin, and Paris. We might have a Europe not laden with exponential increase in rapes and murders. It’s about time we did something.

The left is FURIOUS about this. They just can’t seem to understand why Trump would want to make it so that bad people cannot get into this country and do us harm. This fury is a direct consequence of the left’s choice to exist in this fairytale land of candy canes and gumdrops where everyone can coexist with everyone. Unfortunately for us all, this is not reality. Reality teaches us that there are evil people on Earth. People who subscribe to a twisted worldview of violence and jihadism. People who hate us Americans because of our beliefs, our intelligence, and our freedom, and who will stop at nothing to have those things stripped from us.

Trump doesn’t have any racist or hidden motives for this order. He truly wants to succeed in saving american lives. He, like many other Americans has seen what follows mass immigration of unscreened Muslims into western countries. It is unfortunate that the statistics show what they show, but it would be to our detriment as a nation to ignore them. We finally have a president who is less concerned with offending outsiders, and more about protecting insiders.