Over the last decade, talk of a government-run healthcare system has grown exponentially. Many every day Americans are becoming increasingly warm to the idea as well. After all, the only thing being force-fed to them in the media is how bad our healthcare system shakes out next to other “developed countries.” Americans are promised free healthcare every waking moment of every day. It will be affordable quality and universal – so the myth goes.

The left is clearly making single-payer healthcare a key 2018 campaign issue. It will also serve as a litmus test for their future presidential candidates. Upon Bernie Sanders’ announcement of his new “Medicare for all” bill, most of the major Democratic figureheads have sprinted their way to the closest microphone to scream their support for it. These include Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and others. This will be their main focus for the next two election cycles.

And what opposition are they going to face while rolling this out to the American people?


Currently, this country’s conservative leadership has no desire to pose any legitimate argument against single payer healthcare. Handed every branch of government and it seems as if the last item on their non-existent agenda is to demonstrate what conservatism actually looks like. We have an executive occupied by a man with no ideology. He’s Katy Perry’s “Hot n Cold” on every issue now from immigration to healthcare. He exists only in opposition to whoever wasn’t nice enough to him over the last 24 hours. He’s shown he’d rather work with democrats than his own party, forgetting they’ll move to impeach him at their very first opportunity. And honestly, strapped to a chair with his life on the line, Trump couldn’t explain to anyone the free market, economic argument against single payer. To his detriment we also have a sack-less Congress that up until this point have only proven they couldn’t even come to an agreement on the color of the sky if tasked to do so. The republicans in the house and senate have now failed in every one of their decade long campaign promises. Their big mouths have finally caught up to them, realizing they were far more comfortable acting like conservatives when it mattered little than actually being conservative now that it matters most. They voted to repeal Obamacare over 50 times as the minority but just couldn’t seem to do so as the majority. What a historic embarrassment.

So when there is no coherent conservative argument against single payer in 2020 while the left brainwashes America with their pie in the sky economics, we are in for a world of trouble. And since the GOP can’t explain it to you, I might as well try.

Government run healthcare cannot escape from several plaguing faults. With it, comes insane costs (in the form of taxes and debt), rationing and loss of productivity. A prolonged combination of the three along with a national debt we can hardly keep up the interest payment on, is bound to cripple our economy.


Canada implemented single-payer in the 80’s; their model and its effects can show us what a U.S. run healthcare system could look like. According to the left, the average Canadian can visit the doctor for “free.” They are right as long as you believe that free means increasing your annual taxes between 3 to 15 thousand dollars. Also, thanks to extreme fiscal irresponsibility over the last two decades healthcare costs for Canadians have increased three times as fast as food and clothing. And if you don’t think that government intervention will inflate healthcare costs in the U.S. just take a look at our higher education system. But don’t worry, right? Because it’ll be free.

Chances are also good that costs for a program like Canada’s in the states would cost a lot more. The Urban Institute conducted a study that estimated Bernie’s “medicare for all” bill costing the the American taxpayer 2.5 trillion dollars in its first year. For perspective the entire annual federal budget is four trillion. And if that doesn’t sound your alarm, they also estimate that over the next ten years the plan will increase government spending by 232%. These types of costs will bankrupt our nation and its future.


When the Government controls the healthcare system, they also get to choose who receives care and when. If you are 65 years old and need a heart surgery, the government just may decide that it’s actually just more cost effective to let you die. And if you think this is hyperbole then here are some facts. In Canada according to a report by the Commonwealth Fund 29 percent of adult Canadians who needed to see a specialist waited two months or longer, and 18 percent waited at least four months. Healthcare in America is no shining example of success but not even half of 18 percent wait that long for care here. Single payer creates huge supply shortages and demand surpluses. This results in rationing. Care isn’t allocated to those who need it most because the market isn’t dictating price, the government is. In the UK, where healthcare is largely socialized as well, some 5 percent of doctors admit to knowing someone who died on a waiting list. When the government controls the healthcare, your life becomes one big cost benefit analysis. This is probably why some 50,000 people are leaving Canada each year to come to the states to pay for care; even after having already paid for it there. In more simple terms, healthcare is so bad in Canada, people are willing to pay twice to get what they need. Boy, free healthcare is sounding more and more expensive.

Productivity Loss

The opportunity cost for massive government programs like healthcare is enormous. Money is sucked out of the growing economy like a vacuum. Dollars previously designated to investment are gone, unemployment rises, Inflation follows, poverty rates rise and then more people are sucked into a government healthcare system growing more insolvent with each new patient. If you thought that a 1.5 percent growth rate was slow, just wait until you see what happens to the economy when forced to double its spending on government for healthcare. We are in for serious trouble once the left gets their way with this.


Bernie’s “medicare for all” bill is built on a pipe dream and the republican establishment doesn’t have the wits about them to tell you why. The American public will be tempted with “free” candy like children into the back of the leftist van of fantasy land economics and we will never be the same once we are there. It’s a shame that for so long the government has inched it’s way into healthcare and nobody on the conservative side wants to back them out. We thought we had elected conservatives to fix the problems that government had caused over the last couple decades. Instead, we got a bunch of bickering old imbeciles who seem more focused on running their mouths than actually governing a nation. To say we are doomed is putting it too lightly I think.