As if any more proof was needed that the Trump Russia story was an absolute fairy-tale, Project Veritas, has released yet another video. This time they take aim directly at the lies and fake news of CNN.

You should remember Project Veritas from their videos early last year exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby organ market place. They didn’t disappoint with their hidden camera sequel to those original tapes. Tuesday morning, they released video of a conversation of John Bonifield, CNN Supervising Producer, admitting that there is no proof of collusion between Russia and Trump. Bonifield said that if there were any proof it would have no doubt been leaked already, and the only reason CNN continues it’s coverage of it, is due to ratings. They believe their audience wants so badly for the Trump Russia story to be true, that they can’t afford to tell their audience anything other than that. Ratings and money is the only motivator for the supposed objective journalists at Americas “most trusted name in news”.

The conversation also touched on CNN’s obsessive coverage of Trumps every move. Bonifield noted that CNN didn’t cover Obama that way because the viewers would have seen it as them attacking the President and ratings would have crumbled. But now, their viewership wants every move Trump makes to be covered as some epic meltdown, and CNN is willing to feed their base the imaginary red meat that they so desperately crave.

Now look, CNN is a business, and they have all the right to cover Trump however they like. They even have the right to lie about him and are obviously taking full advantage of that right. But what CNN should not be able to do, is parade around like objective journalists and act as if they aren’t covering this administration and all prior ones with an extreme leftist tilt. Their viewers at least deserve to know that the information they receive is most likely untrue and biases should be noted up front. The media has already lost middle America, and if they continue down this road it won’t be long before every last ounce of credibility is ripped away from outlets like CNN.

Watch the full Project Veritas video below.

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