Over the last several weeks, the left and right have been parading around two stories. Both of which are complete fairytales. For the right, it’s been the story of murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich. For the left, it’s been the wall to wall coverage of Trump/Russia collusion, even in the face of more important stories like the Manchester Bombing.

These two stories are frustrating for a number of reasons, the largest of which is the complete lack of evidence for either story. It would be ignorant to ignore the suspicion that both stories bring with them, but suspicion isn’t evidence, nor will it ever be.

For Trump/Russia, it’s obvious that several (past) members of the Trump team have close ties with Russia. These connections within the Trump team would arouse the suspicion of any average person… BUT, an eight month ongoing FBI investigation has yielded zero, yes ZERO evidence of direct collusion between President Trump and any Russian Government official. And this isn’t just wishful thinking on the right either. That fact has been admitted by several top Democrats like Representative Maxine Waters and Senator Dianne Feinstein. But flip your TV over to any mainstream outlet like CNN or MSNBC and you would be under the impression that evidence of collusion is just pouring from the walls of the White House and Kremlin. This is getting out of control and until any actual evidence of collusion is provided, any person who chooses to continue to believe that Trump is some Russian plant who Face Times with Putin every night before bed should be ashamed of themselves for being such an epic sucker. More importantly, any journalist who continues to report rumors and cite unnamed sources should be escorted to a padded room and put in a muzzle and a straight jacket.

Now, a conspiracy like the Seth Rich story should never have gone any farther the crazy internet trolls like Alex Jones and Bill Mitchell. Unfortunately, we have Fox news hosts like Hannity and Carlson, dedicating primetime coverage to this story as if there is anything but rumors and hyperbole fueling it. This is leftist style propaganda and i’m sick of it being pushed by the side that I claim membership to. Tonight, Hannity took to his show to tell his viewers that he will stop talking about the Seth Rich story only because Seth’s parents have asked, not because of the COMPLETE lack of evidence. Ridiculous. Here’s the facts as we have them now. Seth Rich was NOT murdered by the DNC. He was mugged and shot by a DC street thug. The private investigator ginned up this controversy, Rod Wheeler, has been completely debunked and discredited. Seth Rich’s family has begged conservative outlets to drop the nonsense stories. Shame on any major conservative talking head for continuing with this Seth Rich nonsense. And if you are retweeting these fairytales about Seth Rich you should join the left in their padded rooms and you should be muzzled as well.

We on the right cannot afford to act like conspiracy theorizing nut jobs, especially when we claim to be motivated and driven by facts. In a time where the truth is so hard to discern, we cannot be the side pushing falsehoods. We will be dealt a swift loss to the left if we continue to steal from their playbook.