Throughout Thursday afternoon, multiple reports swirled the blogosphere about U.S. carriers taking offensive positions in the Mediterranean. At approximately 9 p.m. ET, some 50 missiles were launched into Syria, targeting the air field that is said to have carried out this week’s chemical weapons attack on children and women in Syria. The response was rather slow in terms of retaliatory responses, and at this point does not look to have been approved by congress either. However, multiple reports are now stating that several nations were on board with tonights missile strike.

The strike also comes upon the heels of a Russian warning at the UN against retaliatory action in Syria. Obviously Trump didn’t take the warning to heart. The response from Russia shouldn’t take long.

Whether or not this response was right or not, it cannot be doubted now that Trump was not joking when he campaigned for president saying his response to such actions like Syria’s would be to, “Bomb the shit out of them.” This violent response is almost a polar opposite response to the passive/”pinprick” one of the previous administrations.

There is no word on casualties as of yet. The post will be updated with the current information.