The year is 2019, a man has been arrested for first degree murder and several counts of rape. He faces life in prison with no chance of parole. During the trial, his lawyer claims that his client identifies as a female, and cannot be sentenced to a male federal prison. Due to new legislation that has passed, the judge cannot deny the defendants subjective view of his sex or else he will be charged with a hate crime and several years in jail himself. After a guilty verdict is handed down by the jury, the judge is forced to sentence this man to life in a federal female prison. The man goes on to rape several woman in this prison and eventually is sent and maintained in solitary confinement.

It’s now 2020, ESPN is in an orgasmic flurry of emotions as the FIRST TRANSGENDER WOMAN, Jane Baker, is to fight against Maria Juarez a biological female, who has been crowned the worlds greatest female fighter. The fight doesn’t last longer than 45 seconds, when Sammy connects a right hook to Maria’s temple and is able to jump on top and land 6 more punches to her head before the referee stops the fight. Maria spends the next 3 months in a coma and the doctors say if she ever comes out she will have little to no functionality and will need life support for the rest of her existence.

A few months later, a man is wanting to start his own small business, but he cannot qualify for a loan anywhere to get his initial capital. He quickly realizes, however, that if he identifies as female, he can easily qualify for a small business loan for females. The law stands behind him as he goes into the small business administration dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, short hair and a beard. He tells the government employee that he is applying for a small business loan for females. The employee holds back her initial response to scoff at the man, but realizes she is being monitored closely by a discrimination officer and stamps the paperwork for the man and approves the loan.

Of course these examples are extremely hyperbolic. However they do represent the logical extreme of the current arguments of those on the left.  A society deciding that gender is a simple construct of your imagination is set to face some hard consequences. A society that believes one morning you can be female, and the next morning be a pepperoni pizza or a fox, isn’t one that is set up for long term success. The bottom line is that transgenderism is a mental disorder. We don’t play along with our teenagers with anorexia and tell them they are fat and should keep starving themselves. We don’t tell people with bipolar disorder that the toaster is indeed talking to them. We get these people the medicine and the help that they need. Forcing an entire society to play along with the delusions of a VAST minority is not only patently insane, it is detrimental to the health of the society in general.