Wednesday, Bernie Sanders took to twitter to spew yet another load of volcanic ignorance.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.41.27 PM.png

The first, and most glaring mistake of this unfortunate tweet is Bernie’s assumption that people all over this country are somehow being “forced” to work for minimum wage. Forcing people to work for you, no matter what you may be paying them, is called slavery. That has been illegal in this country since the emancipation proclamation. Somebody might want to fill in our pal here. Exercising control over labor is also far more akin to socialism than it is our current mixed economy, and socialism is something that Bernie openly advocates for. He is all for the government owning the means of production at whatever arbitrary price they see fit. Trust me, the hypocrisy of this tweet knows no bounds.

My second issue with this tweet is that this man owns THREE HOUSES! The values of which consummate an amount estimated between 1 to 2 million dollars! Bernie, I wonder how many poor Americans you could help by selling one or two of your homes, and donating the proceeds to them? But of course he would never do that. It is more important for Bernie to virtue signal to his base, than actually practice what he preaches.

Thirdly, with every passing day, poverty in America is going the way of the Dodo Bird. Statistics bare out that the majority of those who are on minimum wage tend not to stay there through the long run; and according to the Brookings Institute, 98% of those who hold their jobs, have kids in wedlock, and graduate high school make their way into the middle and upper classes. But, Bernie holds stock in making you believe that the poor have no way to change their circumstances, therefore they should be evermore dependent on him and the government. This is a really sad issue and only hurts those who find themselves at the bottom of the class scale. Instead of promoting personal responsibility and good decision making, Bernie and his party attach the lips of their supporters to the fat left tit of the government, keeping them in everlasting poverty, but more importantly, forever on their voter rolls.

My fourth issue here is my final yet probably biggest. Bernie is short a few chromosomes when it comes to economic theory. Supposedly, from his tweet we are to gather that all of the problems of those in the bottom class would be solved if us compassionless republicans would just raise the minimum wage. Now, because I just love to kick the ever-loving hell out of the rotting flesh of a dead horse, let me quickly just remind you all of a couple issues with that theory. 1. Increasing the minimum wage (especially at the $15/hr rate that most are suggesting) would hurt FAR more people than it would help. Firms will automate the low skilled jobs paying minimum wage, or they would hire less of that labor. Minimum wage workers would be laid off and then they would become NO wage workers. Bernie, who is better off? Three people making $7.25/hr or those same three making $0/hr and one person making $15. How are you going to explain the “social justice” of your utopian theory or economics to those people?  2. Minimum wage isn’t meant to support a family. If you are trying to raise a family on minimum wage then your first bad decision probably wasn’t applying for a job at your local BK lounge. The government shouldn’t be in the market of punishing business and rewarding the irresponsible. Unemployment, and minimum wage are two things that are supposed to sting a little bit. It’s the sting that should propel and motivate people to do better things! Unemployment insurance and minimum wage hikes do nothing but propagate the long term poverty of the low skilled and unmotivated.

In short, Senator Sanders is a socialist loon-bag who makes his money off the backs of the people, who’s never had a job in the public sector, but thinks he knows enough about it to tell everyone what they should and shouldn’t do with their money. So take his nonsense tweets with a grain of salt and you’ll be better for it.