Over the last week, most conservative Americans have watched as hilarity has ensued on the hill. Trump, in his classic narcissism that we have all come to know and love (or hate), has spent his time flooding the news cycle with his comments on the inauguration crowd size and his beliefs about 3-5 million illegal ballots costing him the popular vote.

He is driving the left insane. He spends 5 minutes on an innocuous tweet that the media spends the next 24-72 hours on. (Ex. Crowd size & voter fraud) Meanwhile, he’s in the Oval signing enough executive orders to make your head spin, leaving those in his circle out defending his Twitter delusions! We’ve got his press secretary out there defending the voter remarks, Senator Jeff Merkley questioning incoming budget director Rick Mulvaney about crowd sizes… Yes, the budget director. And Conway is of course always on TV trying to explain the true meaning behind Trump’s latest slew of tweets to whichever leftist that displays the greatest outrage.

This is hilarious. Because the way I see it, the are two Trump’s. The Twitter Trump (TT), and the policy Trump. The Twitter Trump is the one who makes his employees Job so hard and the one who is being taken more seriously.He’s playing the media for fools and manufacturing this outrage that is distracting them from the actions of policy trump. Whether this is on purpose or not I don’t know. But TT is what causes Spicer to sweat out ridiculous pressers and what causes Conway to wish TT would stop changing his Twitter passwords. But the policy Trump is the one at the wheel and the one who isn’t garnering a tenth of the attention. He’s the one that has reinvigorated the pipeline projects, pulled out of the TPP, put a freeze on the EPA, started the wall building process, and shows no signs of slowing down. These are the things that the media should be covering and debating. However, they are so distracted by TT and his employees that it appears He is going to have his way with the government while we watch the media attempt to get their panties unbunched from Trump’s latest tweet. By that same token, Trump’s circle will be forced to bicker with an enraged media, which might be the worst possible job in the world.

The only thing we are left to wonder is if Trump is a genius and trolling everyone on purpose or if it’s simply perfect ignorance. Either way, I have to admit that I am enjoying every single day, the epic meltdown of the left.