Over the last two weeks, the Obamas have been preparing to leave the white house. I have heard howling and lamentation from the left, and celebration and happiness from the right. Celebrities still making videos about how and why they will miss Obama, and Fox news is reporting like kids from a candy store. Unfortunately our society is set to divide themselves further due to this group think, ra-ra phenomenon.

Now, I am not saying that at least some of this division is warranted. What I am saying is that not enough people are trying hard enough to hear the other side out. Argumentation between the two sides has become less of a truth finding, solution driven exercise, and more about destroying the other side’s views.

As Trump moves into office, the left is visibly upset. Protesters scatter the streets of DC, #DisruptTrump is trending on Twitter, and most of the media is reporting inaugural coverage like a funeral for the country. As I watch all of this, I can’t help but think what things would look like if the situation was flipped. If Hillary had won… would the right be acting like this? I would hope not. I would hope that we would be pushing forward a message that we would fight her where she was wrong, and work with her where she was right.

Time for some confession. Over the last eight years, I have not done my due diligence to actually study and inform myself on all the issues and policies put forth by President Obama.  A lot of them I did, but a great handful of them I just fought against because the jersey on my chest. I will not do that in the future. I am, obviously, going to continue to vote for the people that reflect my values and beliefs, but if my side happens to lose, I promise to support my elected officials, hear them out, and judge accordingly. I encourage us all as Americans to do the same.