A grey set… some soft piano music playing in the background… and a couple of people flash across the screen repeating the same words. They look familiar from that one movie you saw commercials for but never saw because it was half rate, unoriginal and redone. The video sucks you in though, and you can’t click that exit button on your phone screen. These idiots just keep repeating each other. Sound familiar? Well this my friends, is the Hollywood elitist’s new strategy to tell the rest of us Americans how ill-informed, stupid, and out of touch we are.

The people in these videos are actors. Their sole purpose in life is to read words that other people wrote for them in front of a camera for our entertainment. And now, due to a culture of celebrity worship that has enveloped our country over the last couple years, these actors have reached new peaks in self aggrandizement (who would have thought this was possible). So much so, that they believe themselves to be subject experts on everything political. Why? Who in the hell knows. This is why these videos have been such epic fails. They break one of the essential rules of argumentation. Credibility. If I brought an actor into a court hearing as a forensic expert to testify in a murder trial for no reason other than that specific actor was famous, the jury would think I was crazy. They might ask, why should we listen to this actor? He/She has nothing to do with this. And they would be correct. It’s ridiculous to think that fame equals the ability to become credible in every sphere outside of the one you are actually famous for.

Since this last presidential campaign, at least four of these videos have surfaced online. Each one covering something slightly different, but all with the same message. “Listen to us, because we are smart and you are dumb.” The hilarity of all this is that they are just deepening the grave of their own party. Because if this election taught us anything, it’s that middle America is sick of being bossed around by those who think they know better. This country will continue to reject these pompous messages, and the left is too intoxicated by the smell of their own body odor to realize it.

The people in this country will continue to shift towards the political party that doesn’t call them idiots, racists, bigots, or the blankaphobe de jour, and that is fine by me. So Hollywood, understand that we Americans do not share your values, and we shouldn’t have to even hear what your values are. Zip your lips and read your scripts.