The Denver Broncos unfortunately did not make the playoffs this year, however they are getting things started off right this off-season with a brand new head coach.

Vance Joseph played college football for the University of Colorado and was later drafted to play cornerback for the New York Jets in 1995.  Vance will be the Broncos 16th head coach in Denver history, with the recent retirement of Gary Kubiak (21-11) due to medical issues.  The Bronco organization is very excited to welcome their new coach to the team. The former Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator signed a four year contract today with Denver and is extremely happy to be a part of this team.  John Elway looked at many different people and finally landed on Joseph believing in his teaching skills and overall ability to lead this team to many more Super Bowl victories.

With all of that being said, there are many questions being raised on how Vance will help benefit the Broncos and their struggling offense.  Joseph worked under Kubiak  on the Huston Texans coaching staff from 2011-2013 and that inspired Vance to learn more about a head coaching position and how to manage a team.  Despite the fact that Miami got swamped by the Steelers last Sunday, Elway’s confidence in Vance Joseph remains solid.

During the new upcoming season for the Broncos I can predict that their pre/regular season record will be 13-6, and they will make it to the AFC Championship.  Hopefully all Elway’s talk on Vance Joseph will pay off and the Denver Broncos can make it back to the playoffs in the second half of 2017.