The Big O went out tonight on what will no doubt be hailed by the left as the cherry on top of a flawless presidency. Never mind the slowest recovery from a recession in this nations history, remarkably slow GDP growth (slower than clinton and even CARTER) and thousands of people broke by their own healthcare that their power hungry government forced them to buy. Because after all… the government knows best for you and your wallet.

This administration leaves the country with at least four things. Racial tensions at an all time high, an insurmountable amount of debt, regulations that are already crippling small businesses, and a political party that is set on doubling down on identity politics and self righteousness.

The single silver lining of this whole thing is that, apart from the coasts, Americans far and wide completely rejected Obama, his far left policies, his lead by the pen style governing, and all of his flunkies late last year. Republicans now own a vast majority of state governorships,  the house, the senate, and many many more state and local elected offices.

Hopefully Trump does what we elected him to do, and not continue a legacy of executive power and abuse.