Several unverified documents alleging Trump’s extensive ties to Russia surfaced on Tuesday night thanks to literally Hitler, I mean CNN… The documents were leaked to the media, then given to Obama and Trump, and finally fully published by Buzzfeed. The documents claim that Russia has loads of compromising information on Trump from explicit sexual events to business ties. The unverified and extremely shaky source for these documents is said to be a British intelligence agent who apparently should spend some more time on his grammar work because the whole dossier is fill with misspelling and errors. This of course does not completely undermine it’s credibility but certainly adds to it. Here is what you need to know.

  1. The media is going to do everything in their power to tie Trump to Russia. If that means running completely unverified stories, they aren’t going to hesitate. This should be concerning for a number of reasons. The biggest concern is that now our mainstream media will take any document from any person as long as it fits a narrative. You could essentially type up a couple of crap documents (which very plausibly happened here) and send it right on over to a major network. No need to worry about having any credentials, or being a credible source, because as long as your alleging something like Trump’s ties to Russia you can assure that your documents will make headline news.
  2. This will change absolutely nothing. Remember, we are talking about a person who had a multitude of baggage released during his campaign for the president, let us not forget, “Grab her by the pussy”. A person who said that he could walk down a street and shoot someone and he wouldn’t move in the polls, “in fact, I would probably go up!”. This guy won the election. So a couple documents claiming Trump is connected to Russia in some ways isn’t honestly going to change the political landscape at this point. We already know Trump is soft and friendly with Russia by what he says every day.
  3. The liberal media only cares about Fake news when it doesn’t fit its narrative. They lack the ability to locate this futuristic device that is known as a mirror and recognize that releasing this kind of unverified material is toxic to anyone trying to discern reality from imaginary. And the left would love to have you live in imaginationland with them.

We will have to wait to see if these documents can get confirmed as real or not. The Kremlin is denying their veracity in a statement as of this morning, and of course so is Trump on twitter. We will keep you posted.